The historic Canada Permanent Building in downtown Edmonton could soon become home to a strip club.

The city has now approved a development permit that would allow the Crazy Horse Gentleman's Club to open in the 1910 building, north of Jasper Avenue on 100th Street.

The permit has split condo owners in the McLeod Building next door.

"The people that are surrounding this aren't the kind of people that would be going into a gentleman's club," said Mike Mah. "I think once they put that there it's going to set the wrong kind of vibe and the wrong kind of people are going to be in this area."

But Pascal Ryffel said, "I don't think it'll be a bad thing. I think it's just a part of downtown growing up and becoming a vibrant place."

Dexx Williams, who worked in the area as a police officer and is now a candidate for city council, says the club would bring intoxicated patrons and bar fights.

"But the reality is, it is a legal business," he said. "They do have a right to operate. It's just very important that we stay on top of them to make sure they stay and abide by the guidelines set forth to ensure that everyone is able to co-exist in this community."

The city's decision isn't final, as an appeal process remains.