Power was restored to thousands of Edmonton homes this morning after a severe thunderstorm turned out the lights on Monday night.

"We had between 8,000 and 9,000 customers affected for varying timeframes, some people for a few minutes and some people for a much longer time period," said Michelle St-Anand, a spokesperson for Epcor.

The slow-moving storm brought a deluge of rain and loonie-sized hail, but not the powerful winds that often come with such a storm.

"There weren't any winds reported that were substantial at the airport," said Chris Wielki, an Environment Canada meteorologist. "The main impact from this storm seems to be the rainfall amounts that came just due to the really slow progression of the intense thunderstorm, as well as the hail that was associated with it."

Some areas of the city had flooded streets as storm sewers were unable to keep up with the water, with as much as 80 millimetres falling in some areas.

Epcor called in every available crew member to deal with the power outages, St-Anand said.