Stories, photos, of ordinary Edmontonians featured on new blog

The blog is inspired by the popular Humans of New York website which features photos and quotes from regular people
This man in Churchill Square is one of the people featured in the Faces of Edmonton blog. Creator Shayne Woodsmith writes: "Holding up his little saxophone, CASIO written on the side, he says, 'I got this thing in the ’70s for $35. It’s made by the same company that makes watches.'" (Shayne Woodsmith )

A local writer is photographing people he finds on the streets of Edmonton and posting their stories on a new blog called Faces of Edmonton.

Shayne Woodsmith wanders around the city with his camera, looking for people to photograph.

Shayne Woodsmith writes: “When he finishes playing ping-pong, he walks over to me and says, 'Take my picture. Aren’t I beautiful?'” (Shayne Woodsmith)

“I find people who don’t look too busy ...I approach them and I usually ask if I can take their photo first thing,” Woodsmith said.

He then talks to his subjects in hopes of finding a story to tell. Sometimes people approach him first.

“People, I guess, in general, have stories to tell and they like telling them to anybody. Anyone who wants to listen. Anyone’s who’s interested, genuinely.”

The blog is inspired by Brandon Stanton’s popular Humans of New York website which features photos and quotes from the people he encounters.

Woodsmith read that blog while he was travelling for four months through Europe and southeast Asia. When he returned to Edmonton, he started thinking about starting a similar site here.

“I just thought, maybe I’ll go out and take some pictures of people and see what happens,” he said. “It was fun to write these little stories and talk to people and… share them with others.”

Woodsmith plans to continue the project.  He hopes there may even be a Faces of Edmonton book in the future.