A Stony Plain resident caught this image of a tornado that passed by the town on Tuesday. ((Jessica Carnegie) )

Stony Plain and St. Albert residents are cleaning up the debris left behind by a powerful storm.

Officials with the Town of Stony Plain, west of Edmonton,said there were some minor floods in basements following Tuesday's storm, but for the most part, the city was lucky to get away with no major damage.

"We're so thankful it lasted 10 to 15 minutes because after that, it stopped raining and by that time our three stream courses were at the maximum," town manager Phil Hamel said on Wednesday.

"So we're very fortunate. Had it kept raining, we'd have been in bigger trouble than what we are."

Stony Plain resident Jessica Carnegie snapped a photo of a tornado that passed bythe townTuesday afternoon, and shot a video of the pouring rain and driving hail that followed.

"It is hard to believe that we had quite a storm, being that it's so calm today," she said Tuesday, standing on her balcony and surveying the calm weather.

A drainage creek flooded Tuesday close to homes south of Highway 16 after the catch basins were blocked with debris, but by Wednesday it was back to normal.

All over Stony Plain, homeowners were cleaning up the mess. While some hauled away fallen trees, others dealt with water damage in their basements.