On Monday, students and teachers at Susa Creek School in Grande Cache arrived to find the school's 20 iPads gone, the lock securing them cut through and left dangling.

School principal Mark McGimpsey said the iPads were used daily to teach subjects such as literacy and math.

"It cut off a lot of learning opportunities for the kids," McGimpsey said.

The iPads also helped level the playing field for disadvantaged students who don't have internet access at home.

The iPads were stored in a charging cart where each slot was clearly labelled with a student's name, according to McGimpsey.

"The person who stole the iPad would have seen exactly who they're stealing from, so it's quite an insult," he said. 

"Just the thought that someone would steal from the kids is pretty disgusting."

Susa Creek School2

Twenty iPads valued at $11,000 were stolen from Susa Creek School in Grande Cache over the weekend. (Provided)

A Grande Cache power company donated the iPads in 2013. They were worth about $11,000, when combined with their special red and black children's safety cases.

McGimpsey said replacing the iPads would cost roughly a third of the school's annual budget, so it's unlikely students will get new ones.

The school filed a police report, and McGimpsey hopes that someone comes forward with information. Until then he says students will have to learn the "old school" way.