Stolen goods bust sets record for Edmonton police

Edmonton police believe they have seized the largest amount of stolen goods in the service's history.

Items include motorcycles, golf clubs, even a kithchen sink

This mounted bison head is just one of thousands of items uncovered in a stolen goods bust by Edmonton police. Police are hoping to reunite owners with their property. (Scott Stephenson/CBC News)

Edmonton police believe they have seized the largest amount of stolen goods in the service's history.

After receiving a tip, police arrested and charged a 34-year-old man in connection with hundreds of break and enters over a five-year period.

The Cumberland home of a 34-year-old Edmonton man accused of stealing hundreds of items now seized by police. (CBC)
On Aug. 29, police raided a home in the Cumberland neighbourhood in northwest Edmonton filled with items believed to be stolen from homes, businesses and vehicles.

Today they displayed to the media thousands of stolen items ranging from bear skin rugs to motorcycles to golf clubs and even a kitchen sink — enough items to fill two shipping containers.

Other items include 24 men’s watches valued at about $11,000; 13 sets of tires and rims valued at $15,000; 46 motorcycle helmets valued at $8,850; hundreds of home improvement store gift certificates valued at $13,000; 19 sets of golf clubs and five pallets of assorted liquor valued at $35,000.

Investigators say the home where these stolen items were found was laid out like a department store with its own electronics and houseware sections.

"This project took an incredible amount of resources," said Sgt. Joe Lewis. "Police have put more than 1,100 hours of time into this project and more than 28 officers and civilian EPS exhibit technicians were involved in just the seizure portion of this operation." 

Police now hope to reunite the owners with their property some of which police say would have great sentimental value.

Police said they have already identified more than 50 victims.