Still no word on what happened to Alberta Hospital patient, says mother

The mother of an Alberta Hospital patient rushed to the emergency room earlier this week still doesn't know how her daughter was hurt.

The mother of an Alberta Hospital patient rushed to the emergency room earlier this week still doesn’t know how her daughter was hurt.

"We still don’t know what happened. We still don’t know who was involved," said Jacqueline Goltman, whose daughter, Lisa, was taken to the University of Alberta Hospital on Monday with multiple injuries to her head, including two black eyes, a bleeding forehead and a split lip.

Staff at Alberta Hospital originally claimed Lisa was hurt while alone in her own room, but changed their story after Goltman’s family involved the police.

Instead, a hospital official said that Lisa’s injuries occurred during an incident involving two staff members which took place in the hospital common room.

Goltman says she thinks her daughter is aware of what happened, but doesn’t want to talk about it.

"She just looks at us and she shakes her head and says ‘no, I don’t know.’"

In a statement released earlier this week, Alberta Health Services (AHS) said they are conducting an internal review of the incident and are in direct contact with Lisa’s family.

But Goltman said that no one from AHS has contacted her.

"We haven’t heard nothing from them. Nothing."

"It’s disgusting," said Goltman. "Just because they are deemed government or healthcare that whatever they say goes. That’s not the case. They haven’t contacted us, they haven’t kept in touch with us. "

Goltman is worried about her daughter, who was moved back into her unit at Alberta Hospital on the same day that she was hurt. Goltman is also scared of what might happen to Lisa now that her family is speaking out.

"She’s so sweet, so innocent, and I’m just trying to get the best care I can for her."

"I’m scared for her all the time, being back there," said Goltman. "She doesn’t deserve this."

Goltman is relieved that the police will be conducting their own investigation of the incident, but said it didn't need to come to this.

"Why was I lied to?" she asks. "That’s my daughter. I trust [the hospital staff]. She’s in their care for a reason."

Lisa, who has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, is in long-term care at the Alberta Hospital. Goltman said Lisa is due to rejoin her family at home in July.