Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach speaks to reporters Monday in Edmonton. ((CBC))

A coalition government would be bad for Canada, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach said Monday, while calling on opposition politicians to rethink their plan to topple the minority Conservative government.

"Put Canada first and stop the nonsense," Stelmach said. "This is a time when we need sane, prudent leadership dealing with the bigger elephant in the room, which is the global economic crisis, and it's a real concern to all Albertans."

Stelmach made the comments on the same day as the federal Liberals and New Democrats signed a deal to form a coalition government, with a written pledge of support from the Bloc Quebecois, if they are successful in defeating the minority Conservative government on Dec. 8.

Canada needs predictability and strong economic policy to attract investment, Stelmach said. 

"My hope is that cooler heads will prevail by the end of next week," added the provincial Progressive Conservative leader.

Stelmach thinks there will be a lot of soul-searching among members of Parliament, and the change in government won't occur.

Other Alberta political leaders, however, expressed different opinions about the prospect of a coalition government.

NDP Leader Brian Mason said a coalition government could be exciting, adding the agreement between the opposition parties is legitimate.

Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft said the situation in Ottawa shows how desperately Canada needs electoral reform.