Steaks at Edmonton store no longer on recall list, says CFIA

Agency says recall information was changed, but its website was not updated.

New recall information was sent to suppliers, but agency website was not updated

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that beef being sold at a Safeway store in south Edmonton, which appeared to be on a CFIA list of recalled products from XL Foods, is safe to eat.

"The product in question was initially recalled by Vantage Foods with four best-before dates but was subsequently updated to recall one specific date," said John Graham, director of public affairs with Canada Safeway.

CFIA spokeswoman  Lisa Gauthier confirms the beef was covered under an earlier recall, but was later removed.

That new information was passed along to suppliers, but was not reflected on the CFIA’s online list of recalled products.

The agency’s website was updated with the changes Saturday.