Hundreds of people lined up  to see the Stanley Cup in downtown Edmonton Wednesday as part of the Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada Stanley Cup Tour.

Few could lift the 32-pound trophy like a NHL Stanley Cup champion, but that didn't stop people from posing with the cup. 

NHL fan Warren Babiuk said the occasion was once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the 120-year-old trophy up close.

"It may not come back (to Edmonton) for a while so it's a good opportunity. And I won the CBC's front of the line access, so that helped...I was able to come down and get in the short line."

'Keeper of the Cup' Mike Bolt, said he could see the excitement and joy on people's faces.

Imagine if the cup could talk, he said. 

"The adventures that its had. It's been all over the world. It's met so many different people like presidents and a lot of different celebrities. I mean it's been on top of mountains, gone golfing. It really has a life of its own for an inanimate object."

The Stanley Cup was taken to Lloydminster later in the day, with stops in Camrose and Vermilion on the way.

Hockey Day in Canada festivities kick off on Saturday and will be broadcasted on CBC-TV.