Students at Racette Junior High School in St. Paul, Alta. will return to class on Tuesday, five days after a minivan crashed into the school and killed one of their classmates.

St. Paul education superintendent Glen Brodziak says teachers will meet students at the door and counsellors will be on hand to assist anyone who needs help.


Megan Wolitski died in hospital Friday, one day after a minivan crashed into her Grade 6 classroom, injuring her and seven classmates. (Courtesy of Les Miskolzie)

"Tomorrow is going to go as the students dictate it will go," Brodziak said. "If they are ready for a little bit more regular programming, that will be fine.

"If a class, or some students feel that you know what, they're not ready because of wherever they're at in the healing process, we're going to respect that and we're going to do what they need to have at that particular moment."

Classes will be moved to the regional high school. St. Paul resident Brandi Frowen wonders if the return might be too early for some students.

"Maybe a little too soon but I mean that's just my personal opinion," Frowen said. "I think maybe the kids need a little more time to heal and get some of the counselling that's desperately needed at this point."

Grade 6 student Megan Wolitski died on Friday, one day after she and two of her critically injured classmates were flown to hospital in Edmonton.

On Monday, Richard Benson, 46, made his first court appearance on charges related to the crash including criminal negligence causing death.

A judge will decide on Thursday whether to release Benson on bail.