The gunman involved in a shootout with RCMP in St. Paul, Alta. took his own life, according to an investigation by Alberta's Serious Incident Response Team.

John Carlos Quadros, 55, was found dead following an exchange of gunfire with RCMP officers in downtown St. Paul on May 9.

Cliffton Purvis, the executive director of ASIRT, said Quadros fired “numerous” rounds at the RCMP from inside truck, hitting one officer.

Only one RCMP officer discharged his service pistol in the shootout, firing eight bullets towards Quadros’ truck.

None of those bullets hit Quadros, however, Purvis said.

“After the shooting stopped, the RCMP member ordered the male to exit the vehicle, however, he was observed to be stationary and did not move,” said Purvis.

When officers approached, Quadros was found dead inside the truck.

Several firearms including a high-powered rifle, two shotguns and a small calibre pistol were also found inside the truck, along with ammunition for each of the weapons.

ASIRT mandate to investigate over

Purvis said ASIRT’s investigation in the death was thorough and objective, with RCMP cooperating fully with investigators.

One of the RCMP vehicles was equipped with a camera that captured video and audio of the shootout, which helped with ASIRT’s investigation.

“I can tell you that the investigation did not disclose any criminal conduct on the part of those police officers involved,” said Purvis.

No charges will be laid against any of the officers involved in the incident, he added.

“I have determined that because, in this case, the actions of the RCMP did not cause the death or did not cause serious injury, ASIRT no longer has a mandate to conduct an investigation,” said Purvis, who noted the investigation was finished much more quickly than is usual for ASIRT.

“We’re acutely aware there’s a public interest in resolving these types of files quickly when we can. This is one of the few files that we have been able to resolve this quickly,” he said.

“It was pretty easy to determine that the actions of the police did not cause the death so we were able to resolve the file much more quickly than we usually would.”

ASIRT investigates incidents where death or serious injury is caused by police.

RCMP investigation into priest’s death ongoing

Purvis said RCMP continue to investigate the death of Father Gilbert Dasna, a Roman Catholic priest who was killed in the rectory of the church the same day as the shootout.

The medical examiner confirmed that Dasna was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest.

Because the RCMP investigation is still open, Purvis would not comment on the priest’s death.