St. Albert has made it more difficult for local businesses to sell materials and products connected to illicit drug use.

"The illicit drug industry is not welcome in St. Albert," said Mayor Nolan Crouse. "This development sends a strong message to purveyors of illicit drug paraphernalia businesses that thrive on the presence of illicit drugs."

On Monday St. Albert council approved a bylaw restricting the sales of:

  • any product that displays a marijuana plant; 
  • any device intended to facilitate smoking activity, including pipes, water bongs or vaporizers; 
  • grinders;
  • digital weigh scales;
  • detoxifying products that mask drug effects or make such effects undetectable through tests.

The bylaw prohibits the sale of restricted products to minors and requires restricted products be obscured from outside view.

Licensed pharmacies are excluded from the bylaw. Any business breaking the bylaw can be fined $1,500.

St. Albert has been seeking measures to restrict the same of these items since July, 2011.

The city said while the Criminal Code of Canada prohibits the manufacturing, promotion or sale of instruments for illegal drug use, difficulties in enforcement has rendered the law ineffective.