Parkland County has ordered a controversial gun club to close its doors while nearby residents appeal the county's decision to renew its development permit.

The county recently renewed the Spruce Grove Gun Club’s permit, but then several neighbours filed an appeal.

While some neighbours simply dislike the noise from the range, others are worried for their safety, saying the range puts their lives at risk.

One nearby resident’s house was hit by a stray bullet last year. While it was never proven that the bullet came from the range, it spurred an increase in calls to have the place shut down.

The manager of development for Parkland County, Paul Hanlon, said he's been getting complaints for over a year.

"Parkland County has received a number of concerns from adjacent property owners regarding the possibility of bullets leaving the gun range and some strikes of homes in the area, some near misses on adjacent properties."

Keith Wilson, a lawyer for gun club, said its operators are frustrated because they say they've passed all their federal government inspections.

The owners say they have even gone above and beyond to install extra safety measures.

An appeal board will look at the issue on July 28th.

The gun range was been in operation since the early 70s. Some farms and acreages in the area existed before the range started operating but a development just north of the property was built in the early 90s.