City of Edmonton workers have started cleaning roads, parks and public spaces two weeks earlier than planned, thanks to good weather.

Don Belanger, the program manager for Capital City Clean Up, said spring cleanup is a joint responsibility of the city and its citizens.

As the snow melts, a lot of the litter cast off during the winter is uncovered, Belanger said.

"I think people are becoming more sensitized; you're hearing more people upset about it. I'm hoping that, in turn, results in more action on their parts to make sure it doesn't happen," he said. 

City officials said boulevard sweeping and litter pickup is scheduled to finish by the end of April, while 4,700 kilometres of city streets are to be cleaned by the end of May.  

Park staff has already started to pick up litter from parks, nature areas, ravines and the North Saskatchewan River valley, and the city's transportation department has begun pressure-washing bus shelters.

The city's waste management branch is hiring more staff to help with litter pickup, and officials said the washing of garbage cans will begin soon.

More than 500 residents and businesses have already signed up in this year's adopt-a-block program, which has participants pick up litter and sweep their area. The city hopes to enrol more than 800 participants by May 2. The program starts April 28.

The city also issued a notice Thursday reminding Edmontonians to do their part in the spring cleaning, noting that "residents and businesses are responsible for keeping their private property clean of litter, garbage and weeds" and warning that "failure to do so could lead to a fine."