Some Mazda 6 models with 2.5 litre engines that were built between September 2009 and May 2011 have been recalled because yellow sac spider webs have been found in gas tank ventilation tubes.

The spiders are attracted to the smell of gas and may have built a home inside while the vehicle is still in the factory.

Webs in the ventilation tubes can create a vacuum which causes the gas tank to crack, creating a fire risk. 

Daphne Shipka of Edmonton received a letter about the recall last week.

“As soon as I got the letter, I jumped in my car and obviously I'm feeling things, you know, scratching at my legs ... just wondering if something's crawling out of the vents,” she said.

Insect expert Pete Heule of the Royal Alberta Museum says a bite from a yellow sac spider can be serious.

But he doubts the spiders could last very long in a tube next to the gas line.

Mazda dealerships in Edmonton have yet to find any problems in the cars they’ve inspected. 

Jesse William is a technician at Weber Mazda. He says they stick a swab down the tube, pull it out and check for webs, eggs or spiders.

“I've done quite a few of these,” he said.  “Haven't even seen one spider web or problem with a spider in them.”

As for Shipka, she says she’ll feel better once her car is checked out on Wednesday.