A 31-year-old man nabbed after he was seen speeding last month will face more serious charges because his recklessness endangered the lives of the three young children in the car, Edmonton police say. 

Around 9:15 on a Wednesday night in late February, a police vehicle was passed by a Toyota Supra speeding west on Whitemud Drive at 111th Street.    

The officer tried but failed to catch up to the car which was jumping from lane to lane. 

A second police vehicle was able to pull the driver over after he turned onto 149th Street. 

In the car, officers discovered three children aged three, five and eight.

Police then charged the driver with careless driving and having an obscured licence plate.

However, police said due to the aggressive driving pattern, the winter road conditions and the ages of the children they upgraded the charges to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle under the Criminal Code of Canada and causing a child to be in need of intervention under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act.

It's the second such incident in the past four months where police have pulled over a speeding vehicle to find children inside, police said.

Charges were upgraded in the previous incident as well.