Spectator killed at Edmonton Jeep event

A 20-year-old woman died Saturday during an event for Jeep enthusiasts held in a parking lot just west of downtown Edmonton.
Police officers examine the vehicle that struck and killed a spectator at a Jeep event in Edmonton on Saturday. (CBC)

A 20-year-old woman died Saturday during an event for Jeep enthusiasts held in a parking lot just west of downtown Edmonton.

The woman, who was a spectator, was fatally injured when a Jeep lost control during a climbing demonstration around 1 p.m.

Paramedics performed CPR on the woman but she was pronounced dead by the time she arrived at hospital.

Desiree Hallworth was standing less than a metre away when the stunt involving two Jeeps went terribly wrong. She says one of the drivers lost control and drove up onto a Jeep that the woman was leaning on.

"He drove up onto her," Hallworth said. "When he was top of the Jeep, it flipped onto its side and the girl just fell to the ground."

Hallworth said the driver of the Jeep collapsed to the ground when he got out of his vehicle. He was taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

Victim services called in to help bystanders

Hallworth said the young woman appeared to be enjoying herself moments before the incident.

"She was just laughing on top of the Jeep, enjoying all the Jeeps around and next thing you know, she’s out of this world. She no longer is with us."

"It could have been us if we were a little bit closer or if he came a little bit further."

Insp. Chad Tawfik said victim services workers were called in to help the hundreds of bystanders who may have witnessed the rollover.

"Most of these people they’re avid motor vehicle enthusiasts ... they’re not expecting an event like this to happen so obviously it’s traumatic for them," he said

The event known as "Jeeps Go Topless Day" is a fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank.