Mayoralty candidate Robert Noce is taking heat over comments he made about the city's smoking bylaw.

Incumbent Bill Smith, during a mayoralty debate hosted by CBC Radio, took Noce to task for saying he would listen to concerns of those who oppose the bylaw.

Noce deflected criticism and any suggestion that he was receiving backing from tobacco companies.

"I have not received any pressure. I know you (Smith) intimated, in fact you said that I was receiving funding from tobacco groups and I can tell you I have not received a single penny from anyone advocating a change in the smoking bylaw, nor have I solicited any money from anyone interested in changing the smoking bylaw," said Noce.

Noce maintains he never said publicly that he was in favour of reopening the smoking bylaw.

The former city councillor is also being targeted by challenger Coun. Stephen Mandel about the cost of his campaign promises.

Mandel says Noce's promises will cost the city more than $364 million, which is about one-third of the city budget.

Noce says those calculations can't be trusted, however he hasn't offered any figures to refute Mandel's suggestions.

Recent polls and political analysts have said Noce and Mayor Bill Smith are in a tight race that is too close to call. Mandel is running third.