Parents in southeast Edmonton are gearing up for a potential battle with the public school board, as it meets on Nov. 25 to decide if and how to proceed on possible school consolidations.

In June, the board announced four schools in the community — Gold Bar Elementary, Capilano Elementary, Hardisty School and Fulton Place Elementary — could face consolidation.

Parents were told a review would likely be done during the 2008-09 school year.

Ross Morrow, a local parent whose children go to Capilano School, said the schools should come off the review list.

"The concern for me is that when you leave the school continually on a list like that you end up with kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy ... enrolment is down, so we are going to have to review it," Morrow said.

"Then of course as parents consider what school to send their children to, they look around and say that school is on the list, let's go somewhere else. Then enrolment continues to drop, so it's a vicious cycle."

Parents in the community need to speak up if they want to keep the schools open, he said.

"They can talk to their school board trustee … and make sure they voice their concerns, saying, 'We, as the people who elect you, want you to support keeping the schools open,'" Morrow said. "My perspective for school board trustees is that they should really be reflecting the views of the constituents."

Morrow doesn't deny enrolment has declined drastically, but said the schools are integral to the community.