Smoking materials caused Stony Plain apartment fire

Investigators say smoking materials on a second floor balcony started the blaze in the 32-unit apartment building, displacing over 60 residents.

Investigators say smoking materials on a second floor balcony started flames in the 32-unit apartment building, displacing over 60 residents Thursday night.

While no human residents were hurt, six pets died in the fire.

Damages are expected to exceed $4 million.

Tenants were able to return to their units for the first time on Saturday in order to salvage what they could from the wreckage.

For those units deemed too unsafe for civilians to re-enter, fire officials gathered what they could.

Donations to the victims poured in after the fire, with a surplus of essential items being dropped off within the first 12 hours.

In total, enough items were donated to fill a 50-foot semi-trailer, four pickup trucks, a utility trailer, a commercial van and several cars. Volunteers are still sorting through the items.

The town has asked that no more items be dropped off.

Victim support volunteers from the Red Cross will remain on hand until Monday morning, at which point Stony Plain and District Victims Services will take over.