A food truck stolen from behind an Edmonton barbecue restaurant Saturday night has been found, but the brisket bandit himself got away.

The thief emptied the Smokehouse BBQ truck's fridge of smoked meats and took a couple debit machines, but otherwise, the truck is in good shape.

Owner Terry Sept said a tip from the public led police to the food truck in the area of 150th Street and 111th Avenue Sunday afternoon.

Sept said the thief "drove it like he stole it," so now he's cleaning up the mess left inside, but no major equipment was damaged or stolen.

"These trucks are not made for breaking any land-speed records or driving like a Maserati, that's for sure."

As for the thief himself, he was long gone by the time police arrived, Sept said.

"Unless they find a guy with a bunch of barbecue sauce on his chin and a bunch of coke cans around him, I don't think there's much that can be done," he said.

'We're just happy we got it all back'

The truck went missing late Saturday night or Sunday morning, Sept said.

He'd spent the evening serving BBQ at the legislature grounds and brought the truck back to his 124th Street restaurant at around 11:30 p.m.

When he returned Sunday morning at about 8:30, the black truck, emblazoned with a pig wearing sunglasses, was gone. He filed a police report.

"We have the keys and we have the truck plugged in to keep the refrigerator running cause we had another event for it today. They unplugged it and drove away with it," Sept said.

Sept said video surveillance from his restaurant showed a man wearing a balaclava taking the truck.

The truck was going to be used at a Whyte Avenue event on Sunday, and was stocked with food and drinks for up to 500 people.

Sept said he ended up using one of his backup food trucks for the event, but the recovered vehicle will be back on the streets Tuesday.

"We're just happy we got it all back for the most part in one piece," he said.