Alberta Health Services has issued a precautionary health advisory regarding air quality in Edmonton.

Smoke from forest fires in the north is drifting into Edmonton and Central Alberta, prompting the advisory. Communities in the eastern area of the northern Alberta are also affected.

While AHS says healthy people shouldn’t be affected by the smoke, those with conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma or heart problems may notice worsening symptoms.

Those people are advised to take precautions routinely suggested by their doctors and limit all strenuous activities, indoors and out. 

"When air quality is listed as being very poor as it it right now, and likely will off and on over the upcoming several days, we're reminding people to monitor their symptoms," said Dr. Christopher Sikora, medical officer of health for the Edmonton Zone. 

Sikora is recommending people limit strenuous outdoor activities. Runners, for example, may want to postpone their workout or use a treadmill at the gym.  

Many people have reported seeing ash raining down in parts of the city on Twitter. They are also reporting some discomfort. 

“It hurts my throat,” said Yvonne Delorme. However, she couldn’t stay inside on Wednesday because she had too much to do.