One year after the Slave Lake wildfire, Simrit Dhillon and her husband Vikram Garg say they have no idea if their burned-out condo they're still paying for will ever be rebuilt.

The couple, which has since relocated to Calgary, lost their home when the inferno swept into town destroying 400 buildings, most of them homes.

'It just totally kills me. I don't know what is going on.' —Vikram Garg

"When we go back there, it's just a dug out hole with nothing there," Dhillon said. "That's all we have left from Slave Lake," she said, indicating two sauce pans, a snack bowl and one coffee cup.

The couple continue to make monthly mortgage payments, but hasn't heard from the Edmonton-based company that manages the building since shortly after it was destroyed, said Garg.

"We are always leaving a voice mail and nobody is returning our calls," he said.

"We don't know whether it's going to get built, or not get built. It just totally kills me. I don't know what is going on."

On May 6, 2012, they received a letter from a lawyer saying they risked foreclosure if they didn't pay thousands in building renovation fees for work they say had only just started when the building went up in flames.

"This $4,000 for work that wasn't done — insane!" he said. "Now we have to get a lawyer. That's an expense."

Building to be ready for 2013, says company

Laidley Management told CBC News in an email it is working with the insurance adjuster and architect and other professionals, to get the property rebuilt.

The contract went out to tender in March and was awarded in mid April, said spokesperson Nancy Ternowski.

"We now have a contractor — they anticipate putting the spade in the ground by June 1 if all goes well," she said.

Laidley has been in touch with the couple, said Ternowski.

"We have told them from the beginning that the process will most likely be two years," she said. "At this point, we may have keys to the building for March 1, 2013, if all goes well."

"I feel really badly for them," she said. 'I honestly do feel sorry for their situation."