Two new physicians have been recruited to work in Slave Lake, Alberta Health Services announced Friday.

The physicians will join two others who have recently been hired to work in the community starting this fall.

Earlier this year four of the town’s doctors resigned.

Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman says the town has worked aggressively with AHS to recruit new doctors.

“As leaders, we wanted to step up and showcase the community ourselves,” he said.

“When we’re conducting tours and site visits, we’re heavily involved in that process, picking them up and showing them around, showing them all the facilities.”

One doctor has been providing locum coverage in Slave Lake since the beginning of May. AHS says he likes the community so much that he will move there.

The other new recruit is expected to start practicing in Slave Lake in the fall once she immigrates from South Africa and gets assessed by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Warman says there are still gaps in service that need to be filled so the community isn’t letting up on recruitment efforts.