Slain man's sister says life threatened

The sister of Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, a Somali-Canadian man gunned down two years ago, says one of the men on trial for murder threatened her life.

Somali-Canadian man shot at River Cree Casino in 2008

Alexander Reid is shown in this court sketch on Oct. 25, 2010. ((CBC))
The sister of Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, a Somali-Canadian man gunned down two years ago, says one of the men on trial for murder threatened her life.

Muna Ibrahim, 25, told the CBC that one of the accused threatened her life at the preliminary trial in June.

Mohamed Ibrahim, 24, was shot in the back of the head in the parking lot of  the River Cree Casino in Aug. 30, 2008.

Alexander Reid and Adam Brown are accused of second-degree murder.

"I think about it a lot," said Ibrahim, a Toronto health-care worker. "I've let the proper authorities know about it. So I just I hope — have faith in the legal system that they will do something about these threats."

Adam Michael Brown is also on trial for second-degree murder in Mohamed Ali Ibrahim's death. ((CBC))
Police have charged Reid with uttering threats. He is scheduled to appear in a Stony Plain, Alta., courtroom in January.

Last week, a witness to the killing told the CBC she was threatened with death if she testified.

Community members said they’re worried intimidation might undermine the trial — the first in a string of murder cases involving young Somali-Canadian men to make it to court.

More than 20 Somali-Canadian men have been killed in Alberta in three years.