Friends and family of an Edmonton toddler killed by an alleged drunk driver last year went to great heights to remember the boy on Saturday.

Two-year-old Geo Mounsef was with his family on the patio of Ric’s Grill on 142nd Street and 23rd Avenue in May 2013 when an SUV lurched from a parking stall, smashed through a glass partition and struck the table where they were eating.

Geo’s father said he wanted to do something special to remember his son a year after his death. So, George Mounsef and seven others jumped out of an airplane, holding hands. 

“I wanted to do something really special for him and I figured up at 1,300 feet, it might just be high enough for him to see [us] from heaven,” said Mounsef.

As the eight skydivers descended to the ground, they spelled out the young boy’s name with their bodies.

Geo Skydive

Friends and family of Geo Mounsef held a memorial skydive a year after the toddler's death. They spelled out his name with their bodies in the sky as they fell. (CBC News)

“I was just thinking about my son, you know. Trying to be as close as I can, trying to feel his presence. Let him know that we still love him and think about him all the time,” said Mounsef.

Lyal Waddell, who met Mounsef skydiving 12 years ago, said the memorial may seem slightly unorthodox, but the fall gives time for reflection.

“You are just where you are,” he said. “There’s no bad. No good. You’re just there and it feels good for honouring a lost soul,” he said.

The trial for the man allegedly behind the wheel of the SUV before the crash is set to start in July.

Richard Suter, 62, was charged with impaired operation causing death, refusing to give a breath sample and two counts of impaired operation causing bodily harm.