Shot dog 'Shania' to get surgery to save leg

Staff members at a north Edmonton emergency veterinary clinic are shocked at the shooting north of the city of a gentle three-year-old shepherd cross.
Shania's care will cost thousands of dollars 2:03

Staff members at a north Edmonton emergency veterinary clinic are shocked at the shooting north of the city of a gentle three-year-old shepherd cross.

Shania was shot in the stomach and the leg, shattering the bone into so many pieces, it may be difficult to save, said veterinarian Mohamed Latif, with the VetEmerg Animal Hospital.

Donations however have made it possible for Shania to get surgery. 

April Oakes, with Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society, brought Shania to the clinic after rescuing her two weeks ago north of Edmonton.

Click on the video to see more of Shania's story and the people trying to help her.