Shootings prompt city to close bar for 14 days

The City of Edmonton suspended Gingur Sky's business license for 14 days Monday, following an early Sunday morning shooting at the west end bar that sent four people to hospital.
Sunday's shootings marked the latest in a string of violent incidents at the west Edmonton nightclub. ((CBC))
The City of Edmonton suspended Gingur Sky's business license for 14 days Monday, following a shooting early Sunday morning at the west-end bar that sent four people to hospital. 

"The community standards branch has supported our request and effective immediately, the business license of Gingur Sky Nightclub has been suspended," said Acting Sgt. Nicole Chapdelaine, coordinator for the city's Public Safety Compliance Team.

The suspension was put into effect to allow police to investigate the shootings at the nightclub, located at 155 Street and 118th Avenue. The bar was closed under a provision of the Municipal Government Act, which allows the city to suspend business licenses in emergencies.

Gingur Sky was already under review before Sunday's shootings. The city's chief licensing officer will soon see a recommendation to cancel the business license, Chapdelaine said, which would close the nightclub for good.

Troy Courtoreille and Acting Sgt. Nicole Chapdelaine from the Public Safety Compliance Team listen to a question from a reporter Monday. ((CBC))
The shootings marked the tenth violent incident and eighth shooting at the bar since 2008.  In 2006, a person was killed in a shooting at the bar. Earlier this month, two people were treated for gunshot wounds to their legs following another shooting.

Investigators got word that the owners were planning to reopen on Thursday or Saturday.  Concerns over public safety prompted the request for the closure, said Troy Courtoreille, a PSCT field supervisor.

"We've had two serious incidents there in less than a month and half," he said.  "From our perspective it wasn't just a matter of if, it was a matter of when there'd be another incident and we felt we … couldn't afford to wait any longer."

Inspections have been difficult to carry out at Gingur Sky because of its sporadic opening hours, Courtoreille said.