Bruderheim is looking at an unusual solution to shortage of accommodations for oilfield workers — a hotel that can be shipped to the town, east of Edmonton, one container unit at a time.

shipping container hotel completed

The 60-room Days Inn hotel in Sioux Lookout is billed as the largest shipping container hotel in North America. (Courtesy: Ladacor Ltd.)

"There's only one other hotel like this in Canada that I'm aware of and from what I'm hearing it's a trendy, new, kind of funky cool design," said Mayor Karl Hauch.

That hotel, which happens to be the largest one in North America, is a 60-room Days Inn in northern Ontario, built by Calgary-based company Ladacor.

The community is desperately short of hotel space to accommodate the high turnover of workers, Hauch said.

"There are turnarounds constantly at these big plants. For example, our campground in town for the last couple of years has been packed with people and we've been actually putting money into our campground to open more full-service sites because of the demand."

The Bruderheim hotel, if approved, would have to be up to code and able to accommodate Alberta's frigid winter weather.

Residents will have a chance to learn more about the proposed hotel at an open house beginning at 6 p.m.