Sheriff shortage delays sentencing in police dog killing

The man who killed Edmonton police service dog Quanto was sentenced Friday afternoon to 26 months in jail.

Sentencing was delayed on Friday for the man convicted of fatally stabbing Edmonton Police dog Quanto on because no sheriffs were available to escort him to the courtroom.

Paul Vukmanich was supposed to be sentenced at  9 a.m. The matter was moved until 1:30 p.m Friday.

Provincial court judge Larry Anderson was visibly frustrated by the situation, stating "it appears the Solicitor General is incapable of providing resources.”

Anderson called the situation "completely unacceptable".

Alberta Justice spokeswoman Michelle Davio said her department is investigating.

“We are looking into what caused the problem this morning and will work with our court services people and the judiciary to see what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future,” she wrote.

“In order to further enhance the existing levels of safety in Alberta’s courthouses, a comprehensive review of courtroom security is currently being undertaken to identify new security opportunities.”

Vukmanich pleaded guilty earlier this week to a number of charges including animal cruelty, possession of a dangerous weapon and flight from police.