Shawn Hennessey

Shawn Hennessey, shown here in January 2009, has been granted monthly leave from prison to visit his family. (CBC)

A man convicted for his role in the shooting deaths of four Alberta Mounties is getting more unescorted, temporary absences from prison. 

The Parole Board of Canada says Shawn Hennessey will be allowed to visit his family for up to 78 hours, once every month, for six months. 

He was first granted visits in March and is set to apply for day parole in September. 

Hennessey and his brother-in-law, Dennis Cheeseman, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for giving James Roszko a rifle and a ride to Roszko's farm near Mayerthorpe in 2005. 

Roszko ambushed and killed the four officers before he was shot and wounded, then killed himself. 

Hennessey was sentenced in 2009 to 10 years and four months.