After her death, police described Genevieve Stokowski, 70, as a saint who had no enemies. ((Hand out))

The family of an elderly Edmonton woman stabbed to death in her garage are disappointed her murderer will be eligible for parole in 13 years.

A judge has sentenced Darcy Healey, 29,to life in prison for second-degree murder, but hasruled shewill be eligible for parolein 13 years, instead of the usual 10.

Healey was convicted of killing Genevieve Stokowski, 70,during a robbery for crack money three years ago. Healeyleft Stokowski on the floor of her garage thenstole her purse and car to feed her addiction.

Stokowski's family members vowed to be atHealey's parole board hearing if she applies for release and do what they can to ensure she remains behind bars.

"This is why we get a lot of this crime that is going on," said the victim's brother, Robert Stokowski, after he left the courthouse Monday.

"Thirteen years without parole is definitely not sending any message to anyone that this kind of crime doesn't pay."

Justice Sheila Greckol told the court she took into consideration Healey's remorse for her crime as well as her troubledpast.

Healey started living on the streets at an early age to flee a physically and sexually abusive home life and became a drug-addicted prostitute.