Family from Saskatchewan searches Edmonton for missing man. ((Edmonton Police Service))

Edmonton police resumed their search Sunday for a 21-year-old man missing for the last two months after receiving new information about his possible whereabouts.

Dylan Koshman was last seen on Oct. 11 but disappeared after he got into an argument with roommates. Originally from Moose Jaw, Sask., Koshman had been in Edmonton about six months and worked for an oil and gas contracting company.

Thirty civilians and several search dogs joined in Sunday's search of a wooded area. Koshman's family had once searched in the same area.

The missing persons unit would not reveal what new information was received or why it reopened the search.

Koshman's mother, Melanie Alix, contacted at her home in Saskatchewan, was thrilled, however, when she received word that the investigation started up again.

"I thought things were dwindling down, I thought Edmonton's a big city and I realize there's lots of other people needing help too, but this is awesome news. I'm so happy."

Alix said she is hopeful her son will be found.