Police have located the stolen truck involved in the hit and run that killed a 33-year-old man Friday morning, however the suspect still remains at large.

The truck's owner was inside his home near Rundle Park at 29th Street and 116A Avenue when he saw someone driving away in his blue 2006 Dodge Ram truck. 

As his wife watched in horror, the truck's owner was then struck by his own vehicle and dragged while he tried to stop the thief, who sped away. 

"I heard somebody screaming. I heard the tires peeling out of the lot," said witness Scott Pfeifle. "I looked out my window I seen the truck bounce over the guy and my first thought was you know guy needs help."

Nicole Nault also saw the man run over by the truck.

"I kind of know CPR so I was going to go offer assistance because she she looked like just hysterical," she said. 

"She wasn't going to be able to help him at all and when I got over there there was no help to be had. I didn't want to touch him."

fatal hit and run blue truck

Police located the stolen blue Dodge truck involved in a fatal hit and run Friday. (Supplied by Edmonton Police Service)

The man was declared dead at the scene. Nault says she comforted the wife until police and paramedics arrived.

Earlier in the day

Police say the fatal hit-and-run happened as the suspect tried to run away from officers after an earlier vehicle theft.

Earlier in the day, police tried to stop a stolen Ford F-150 truck in the area of 82nd Street and 102nd Avenue. 

That vehicle fled at a high speed but was later found at a parking lot near 32nd Street and 113th Avenue. Police spotted a man and woman running northbound away from the abandoned vehicle. 

Officers were able to take the woman into custody, but the man evaded capture. He then went on to steal the blue 2006 Dodge Ram.

The truck involved in the fatal hit-and-run was found Friday evening in the area of 95th Street and 112th Avenue. However, police said they have no reason to believe the location is linked to the suspect.

Police are still searching for the suspect.