Plowing Edmonton's residential streets to the pavement is the way to go, said Calgary's director of roads.

"Certainly from a satisfaction perspective, there's no doubt going to bare pavement is the right approach," said Ryan Jestin. "Our council has supported us in doing that and given us the resources to do it."

Edmonton city council invited Jestin to talk about snow removal as part of the city's peer review of its snow clearing policies.

The review was prompted by the thousands of complaints last winter about the poor condition of city roads.

Edmonton's current policy is to leave a snow pack on the residential roads, something Coun. Karen Leibovici isn't happy with.

"You've got issues with rutting; you have issues with melting; you have issues with ice," she said. "In order to get citizen satisfaction up from 37 per cent, we need to start doing something drastically different than we've done in the past."

Jestin warned scraping is more expensive and finding somewhere to put all the extra snow can be a problem.