The Canadian Scout Jamboree in Sylvan Lake, Alta. has had problems with food shortages, according to parents and Scout leaders who contacted CBC News.

Edmonton Scout leader Russ McDougall said that on Saturday evening, his troop members were given a single hamburger each.

On Tuesday, McDougall says there wasn't enough spaghetti to go around, adding that the sauce had no meat and came in small packages.


"You've got youths that are out, exercising all day and they're not getting enough calorie intake," he said.

"We got some kids that are running out of steam, and they shouldn't be. You know, they wanna take the afternoon off because they're too tired to do anything."

Andrew Price, chief commissioner of Scouts Canada, said it's a case of human error.

"Any time you’re trying to feed 6,500 to 7,000 people in camp setting, there’s always a few hiccups," he said.

"We’ve been working really closely with with Sodexo, who is our food services provider, to make sure that we’ve got a truck on site that’s actually out there addressing the issues as they come up."

More than 5,000 Scouts, Beavers and Cubs are attending the week-long event.