A recent rash of students being hit by cars near schools has one Edmonton mother calling for drivers and city officials alike to take a close look at traffic safety. 

Angela Larson says she saw a 13-year-old get hit by a car in north Edmonton last week. Luckily, the teen received only minor injuries. But Larson said it was not an isolated incident.

She says she sees close calls nearly every day as she drops her daughter off at school.

Now, she wants drivers in the city to be more careful especially near schools. 

“Maybe it's some kind of call to action for parents and drivers in general to drive with patience and compassion for the other drivers,” she said. “And that same message that we hear over and over and over again give yourself time, be patient ... and have respect for the other drivers on the road.”

Larson would also like the city to consider lowering speed limits in school zones.

But Craig Walbaum, the city’s director of traffic congestion, said speed is only part of the problem.

“Usually the issues going on around schools is not speeding at the time when all the kids are there — it's congestion issues, children crossing the road issues and behaviours of vehicles and parents dropping off that we deal with mostly.”

Walbaum said his department is constantly reviewing areas around schools to make sure they meet provincial guidelines.

That includes looking at things such as the room available along the street for drop-offs and adding fencing to discourage jay walking. 

You can listen to Larson's full interview on Edmonton AM below:


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With files from CBC's Lydia Neufeld and Scott Fralick