An Edmonton school bus driver has been fired after a six-year-old was left on a bus last week.

A Grade 2 student fell asleep on the way home from Father Leo Green Catholic School and woke up in the bus yard, said Edmonton Catholic Schools Lori Nagy.

"The boy woke up and was understandably very scared and concerned, but was very clever. (He) managed to get out of the bus because he'd seen the bus driver do that before and as soon as he came out another bus driver saw him."

Nagy said an investigation revealed the bus driver failed to followed proper procedure by walking to the back of the vehicle to make sure all the students were off the bus.

Golden Arrow suspended the driver without pay, before he was fired Wednesday.

It's the second such incident in the last three weeks in the Edmonton area.

A nine-year-old fell asleep and remained on a bus when his fellow students were dropped off at Namao Elementary School north of Edmonton on Oct. 28th.

The driver then parked the bus at her home for the day, leaving the student inside. The child wasn’t found until the bus returned to school at the end of the day.