Edmonton school boards are reviewing their safety procedures in light of the mass shooting that killed 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut.

Twenty-seven people died at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning, including the gunman who turned the weapon on himself. His mother was later found dead at her home in Newtown.

The horror of the event resonated with educators in Edmonton who say that while they have emergency procedures in place, they plan to take another look.

"We have, what we believe, is a very good lockdown practice, a very good crisis response plan," said Lori Nagy from Edmonton Catholic Schools. "But the truth is we are always learning."

Nagy says principals in the district have had two levels of crisis training to ensure that their knowledge reflects current practice.

Edgar Schmidt, superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools, says schools regularly practice lockdown drills. However, he expects staff will discuss those procedures in light of what happened on Friday.

"What will be happening, likely, over the next few days is principals and staff members are just going to have a quick look, talk, examination of what we do and how we manage it, just to make sure that we're on top of all the emergency procedures that we've had," he said.

Schmidt says there's no plan to initiate any classroom discussions about the shootings, but they will be addressed if students bring them up.

"We're really going to be paying attention to how are kids reacting and responding accordingly and appropriately," Schmidt said.