Two of Tesfai Negasi's daughters testified Tuesday about what they found when they came home the day their mother was killed.

Negasi, 54, is on trial in Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench for second-degree murder in the July 2009 death and dismemberment of his wife, Selamawit, 46.

Eden Negasi, 27, told the jury the front door to the family home was wide open when she came home from Hawrelak Park on July 5, 2009, the day her mother disappeared. The house smelled of bleach and the washing machine was running, she said.

Her father was there but there was no sign of her mother. Tesfai Negasi started talking about money troubles and how they might lose the house. Then he left.

Eden Negasi said she noticed her mother's van was still parked in the driveway even though she was supposed to be at work. 

The young woman tried calling her mother's cell phone but it went straight to voice mail. A call to her mother's workplace revealed that she hadn't shown up for her shift. 

"It just didn't feel right," Eden told the court.

Eden and her sister Yodit, 23, checked the master bedroom. The carpet was wet and they found blood on their parents' bed.

Yodit Negasi told the court she then called police.   While officers were at the house, Tesfai Negasi called his daughters. Court heard he told them to raise their little sister, who was then six years old. 

The jury was told earlier in the trial that Negasi drove to an Edmonton police station where he confessed his wife's slaying and indicated to officers that her remains were in the trunk of his car.