A Sherwood Park Salvation Army thrift shop is trying to recoup its losses after a late-night break and enter.

"They threw something through the front door and broke the glass and then they got into the cabinets,” said store manager Karin Adshead.

The cabinets contained donated valuables and collectors items, all of which were slated for sale in an upcoming silent auction.

The entirety of the profits from the monthly auctions are routed back into the community at large.

Salvation Army customers say they are appalled by the crime.

"It's very upsetting when you give to this to give back to the community and someone takes it. It's not right,” said Crystal Single.

Customer Liz Hickling was even more plain-spoken about her opinion of the thief.

"They're scumbags," she said. "I mean, that's pretty low when you're stealing from charities, especially if they came and checked it out first ... stealing is not good from anybody – but to steal from the Salvation Army just before Christmas is really, really low."

Store officials say they think the break in was planned because only a handful of very specific items were taken, while everything else was left untouched.

"They opened the doors on both of them and took out all the jewelry that we had that was of any value which was quite a bit this time," said Adshead.

In total, about $3,000 worth of jewelry was taken, and Adshead says the loss will be felt in the community.

"The money we raise goes to hundreds of different crisis programs and right now you know that could have been twenty to thirty families' Christmas impacted right there," she said.

Adshead said she hopes the thief will change their mind, and re-donate the stolen items.