An unpaved city road littered with potholes and ruts is upsetting area business owners.

The area at 64th Avenue and 30th Street was annexed from Strathcona County by the City of Edmonton in the 1980s.

The gravel road hasn’t been upgraded since then.

Tanis Radford drives the road to get to work. She says that part of her commute is frustrating and dangerous.

“In order to get around some of those potholes, you do have to enter into oncoming traffic,” she said.


Business owner Rob Pangrass calls the road an embarrassment that’s bad for business. (CBC)

Rob Pangrass has owned a business on 30th Street for ten years. He calls it an embarrassment that’s bad for business.

“We had somebody apply for a job last week and got here for the interview and said they wouldn't take the job because they had to drive the roads.”

The city says if businesses want a paved road, they need to contact the city for a local improvement.

Pangrass says he's met with city officials several times, but the road still looks the same.

“They just seem to have a lot of other priorities,” he said.