Ric McIver campaigning despite Jim Prentice 'coronation' talk

Although many political observers believe outcome is a foregone conclusion now that Jim Prentice is officially in the race, Calgary MLA Ric McIver says he is undaunted.
Ric McIver was campaigning in Edmonton on Monday. He intends to run for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. (CBC )

Calgary MLA Ric McIver was in Edmonton on Monday gathering the signatures required to run for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Although many political observers believe the outcome is a foregone conclusion now that Jim Prentice is officially in the race, McIver is undaunted.

“I've got a lot of work to do, I've got a lot more people to get to know, but I was a little heartened yesterday that people called me by my name in Cold Lake and mark me surprised,” he said.

Jim Prentice website glitch

On Monday, people discovered that the phone numbers, email and home addresses of Jim Prentice supporters were visible to anyone using his website. 

The site has been taken offline while the security problem is fixed. 

While McIver is actively campaigning, Prentice has yet to hold any campaign events or give interviews to the media about his candidacy.

Like McIver, Prentice picked up his papers when nominations opened on Thursday. He filed his nomination with more than the required 500 signatures the next day. McIver still has a few hundred more signatures to go.

University of Alberta political science professor Jim Lightbody believes Prentice’s tactics may be enough as he only has to get party members comfortable with him.

“This is a race for the insiders,” he said.

“In the absence of a lot of candidates, given the party's standing and the government's standing in the polls, very little interest outside of the party.”

Although there are reports that other prospective candidates were discouraged from running, McIver says he’s staying in the race.

“No one's going to talk me out of it. No one's going to intimidate me out of it,” he said.

“Albertans deserve to have a choice.”

Nominations close on May 30. Party members will vote for a new leader in September.

While Jim Prentice hasn't made himself available for media interviews, he is making public appearances. He posted this picture to his Twitter account on Sunday. 


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