A national restaurant chain has apologized to the family of a girl with autism who was kicked out of one of its Edmonton locations on Saturday for being too noisy.

Sarah Seymour said her five-year old daughter, Eowyn, had been screaming and kicking because she was upset her favourite food wasn't on the menu at the Smitty's on Stony Plain Road in Edmonton's west end.

"We were approached by the waiter, who informed us that there was another patron at the restaurant who was refusing to pay for their food unless Eowyn was removed," Seymour said.

Seymour said the family was asked to leave, despite her attempts to explain her daughter's condition to the supervisor.

Mike Seymour, the child's father, said staff should have handled the situation with more sensitivity.

"The first question should have been, 'Is there any way we can help?' not 'Can you please make your child leave,' " he said.

On Monday, the president of Smitty's Canada expressed his alarm about the incident.

"When a situation like this arises, it's definitely a shock to the system," Chris Manderscheib said. "So we want to make sure that we've addressed it, making sure we educate ourselves as well."

The company has apologized to the family and says it is going to raise money for autism research.

Sarah Seymour said the family is satisfied with the company's apology.

An independent franchisee owns and operates the west end Smitty's restaurant.