A Utah-based residential alarm company going door to door in Edmonton is racking up complaints with the Better Business Bureau as well as Edmonton police because of aggressive sales tactics.

There have been 762 complaints against APX Alarm filed with the bureau over the last three months, Chris Lawrence of the BBB said Tuesday. The police report they've received a handful of complaints.

Edmonton resident Kim Buehler had an APX Alarm system installed in her house for only two days. "It was very expensive, you're supposed to set in for five years," Buehler said.

The salesperson was very aggressive and the system was installed the same day, she said.

The monitoring fee is $40 a month under the five-year contract whereas other alarm companies charge only $20 a month, she said.

The company allows the contract to be cancelled without a fee within 10 days. Buehler said she was able to cancel the contract and have the company's equipment removed without any problems.

The company uses professional sales people who are well trained, APX spokesperson Stuart Dean said.

"Frankly, I have not heard about any specific complaints in the Edmonton area," Dean said.

"We don't condone the use of aggressive or scare tactics," he said.

Some of the complaints the company has received in the past have actually involved other alarm companies, or sales people who say they represent APX when they don't, Dean said.

Edmonton police suggest checking with the Better Business Bureau or verifying that a company belongs to CANASA, an association of reputable security providers, before signing on with an alarm provider.