The story of one rescued dog may have a happy ending by day’s end.

Maeve was one of three dogs found by a Good Samaritan who noticed the dogs — each of whom appeared to have burn marks over their bodies —wandering around a rural community in central Alberta.

All three dogs were brought into the Guardian Veterinary Centre in Edmonton for treatment.

Although the exact cause of the burns is unknown, a veterinarian who worked with the dogs speculated their injuries may have been caused by some kind of chemical burn.

"We were really, really lucky that we were able to bring them in quickly," said Alison Oxford, a spokeswoman for Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, which helped find foster homes for the dogs while they recovered from surgery.

Of the three, Maeve had the worst injuries, requiring a lengthy surgery and longer recovery time. She may also need a bit more follow-up care than the others, who have already been adopted.

But that shouldn’t prevent someone from adopting her, said Oxford.

"It’s OK to take on a dog that’s had some significant injuries," she said. "Maeve is doing really, really well... she’s ready to move on and be part of somebody’s family."

And Oxford isn’t too worried about Maeve’s prospects. She said there was a lot of interest in all three dogs — but cautioned that they don’t give their charges to just anyone.

"It’s just a matter of finding the perfect fit," said Oxford.

While Oxford is optimistic about Maeve’s future, she said she still has her work cut out.

"This is a really sad case, but it’s not the only case that we see," she said. "Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon that we see abuse and mistreatment and injuries that have been left untreated... it’s kind of a daily occurrence, unfortunately, in animal rescue."