Report drives city to examine employee mileage claims

A report by the city auditor has found that many employees don't properly document mileage claims, including one employee who was paid twice for the same miles

A report by the city auditor is raising concerns over mileage claims by municipal employees.

The auditor found that about $2 million in mileage expenses were paid out last year, but less than half the employees who made claims did so according to guidelines.

A quarter of the workers could not provide documentation of their mileage and one person was paid twice for the same miles.

"I would assume the employee would have to reimburse the city because that would be our requirement. You don’t get paid twice," said Coun. Kim Krushell, who sits on the city’s audit committee.

Krushell says nine employees claimed between $10,000 and $17,000 worth of mileage in 2011, prompting her to wonder if it would be cheaper to give them city vehicles.

Krushell says the committee will look at the report on Monday.