Danielle Smith

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith says it's time Premier Alison Redford's expense claims are vetted by someone outside her government (CBC)

The Wildrose Party wants greater oversight of Premier Alison Redford's travel expenses.

Currently, an expenditure officer in Redford's office approves the premier's claims, but Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said Thursday a more rigorous policy is needed.

"Maybe what they do need is to have a committee of caucus or the Treasury Board president – somebody who is an elected official who has the ability to tell her 'no you can't do that, you have to follow the policy,' because it appears that what we're seeing is that nobody is willing to tell this premier no."

'She's breaking the rules and then she's acting like a victim when she gets caught.' - Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith on Premier Alison Redford

"She's breaking the rules and then she's acting like a victim when she gets caught. I don't think Albertans want to see her play the victim, they want to see her pay the money back."

Redford is paying back money for several trips in which her daughter went with her and brought friends. The opposition says those trips violated the government's own travel policy.

The opposition insists the biggest waste of money was the $45,000 trip to South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela's memorial service. They say she should pay that money back. The premier has apologized for the trip but stopped short of offering to pay back the money.