Homeowners who live near the Red Deer River were anxiously watching water levels on Friday but so far no flooding has been reported.

The city declared a local state of emergency Thursday night.

Residents of six homes along the McKenzie Trail Recreation Area were ordered to leave on Friday, but were later allowed to return.

The amount of water released from the Dickson Dam was less than expected. But the risk of flooding still exists and residents in affected areas still remain on a one-hour evacuation notice

"I wouldn’t say the danger is over but the risk has been mitigated," said Deputy Fire Chief Bart Rowland.

"We certainly know that our numbers aren’t going to be as high but we still need to be proactive in case the numbers do go up again."

Kevin Waschuk has a home in the affected area. He’s been placing sandbags and moving his furniture out of the basement.

"I’ve been working since 7 o’clock this morning just getting ready and doing what you can and then you just wait ," he said.

Until the flooding risk passes, the Lions Campground remains closed.